Wednesday, March 4, 2020

What Do Today’s Fraternity Members Want in Their Chapter House?

Based on our interviews and interactions with fraternity members that have lived in chapter houses we manage on campuses throughout the country, listed in order of importance below are the amenities that members desire in their chapter houses.
  1. Blazing-fast internet and Wi-Fi coverage throughout the house
  2. Single occupancy rooms
  3. Private or semi-private bathrooms
  4. Nicely finished sleeping rooms
  5. Heating and air conditioning systems that allow individual control (not boilers or window a/c)
  6. Large assembly spaces for social functions
  7. A good food service program that accommodates special diets and requests
  8. Furnished rooms
  9. Professional cleaning, snow removal, lawn service, etc.
  10. Study spaces with video screens for presentations

What do you feel today’s members desire from their housing?

Leave us your thoughts here by clicking on the title to post a comment. Or, email us at with questions on how you can improve the culture in your chapter house for your members.